Appliance & Electronics Installations

At Ben’s Transportation Services (BTS LLC) we’re your local NH handyman and can help you with your appliance installations and home electronics installations. From TV installation to air conditioner installations, we’re here to help with any of your home appliance and electronics installation needs.

BTS LLC’s local installation services take the headache out of getting your new appliances and electronics completely set up and gives you the peace of mind that they will be up and running quickly. All installation services you need are performed by BTS LLC’s team of highly-qualified, in-house technicians. You can be confident that you’re getting the level of service that has served Lakes Region NH & Southern NH customers for years. Contact us today for your free quote and in-home installation service needs.  

We Can Help with Your Home Appliance Installations

We proudly serve Lakes Region NH & Southern NH clients and expertly handle your home appliance installation needs. If you’re looking for an appliance hook up service, look no further. If you need an appliance installation specialist, you’re in the right place as we have years of removing headaches for our valued clients. If you want help with an appliance install call today, we can help! 

Dishwasher Installation Service

Note: Replacements only. Customer supplies replacement dishwasher.

You recently purchased a new dishwasher and not sure how to install it? Contact BTS LLC, your local dishwasher installer. The biggest problem most homeowners have is buying the wrong dishwasher and the new one does not fit. Always measure the width and the height from the countertop to make sure the right dishwasher is purchased. Installing a dishwasher can be complicated if proper care is not taken. Look no further for your dishwasher installation in Lakes Region NH & Southern NH.

The team at BTS LCC always makes sure we get everything ready in order to prevent any last minute delays or missing parts. The most important thing to do is locate your electric panel and shut off the power to your kitchen. Once that has been completed, your BTS technician inspects to make sure all of the parts are available to begin installation. Corroded valves or old, dried water hose lines are the number one reason for leaks in a dishwasher. The BTS LLC team can replace these without having to replace the dishwasher if required. Whenever you need help in hooking up your dishwasher, contact BTS LLC. 

Our team of expert dishwasher installers can install standard or drawer type dishwasher model units and disconnect and dispose of old units (which is an additional fee), under counter standard, or drawer type model units. Need help choosing the right dishwasher for your house? Not a problem! Our team can also help guide you to select brands if needed. We only use new water installation kits for every installation. Plus, when you choose BTS LLC for your dishwasher installation, we guarantee parts and workmanship when we supply the installation kit, if the customer supplies the kit the workmanship is guaranteed.

Refrigerator Installation:

Note: Replacements Only. Customer supplies replacement refrigerator.

Keeping food fresh and properly stored is always a priority for any customer and this cannot be done without a refrigerator. Normally delivery guys install the new refrigerators when purchased from big companies but if this is not the case, a company like BTS LLC is the one to turn to for new refrigerator installations and dispose of old refrigerators (which are at an additional cost).

Waterline For Fridge:

That new fridge you had your eyes on for months has finally been delivered to your home. Now that it’s all set up you realize you do not have a water line and you’re unsure how to install it yourself, this is where BTS LLC comes into play. Our team of experts has installed new water lines for refrigerators for many homeowners in the Lakes Region NH and Southern NH. So, if you need help with connecting refrigerator water lines, call BTS LLC.

Washing Machine Installations:

Note: Replacements Only. Customer supplies replacement washing machine

More often than not, companies send out an installation crew when you purchase brand new washers and dryers from the store directly. However, if you did not buy a new one and got it as a gift or purchased them secondhand, you’re often left having to figure out how to install them yourself. If done right the first time by a professional, hooking up the washer and dryer would save you a lot of time and energy, plus help you to avoid costly damage if something is done incorrectly. The team at BTS LLC helps our clients with their washing machine installation service needs. Proper planning, along with making sure all replacement parts for your washing machine installation are ready, makes things easy.

If trying to install it by yourself you might run into problems such as plumbing or water leaks or vent pipe problems. In order to eliminate these problems it’s best to hire installers like BTS LLC to take care of hooking up your washer and dryer.

Our team of expert washer and dryer installation technicians also does water hose replacement, water supply valve replacement or repairs, in room dryer vent pipe replacements, water tray replacements, and disposal of old units (additional fee).

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OTR Microwaves Installations:

Note: Replacements Only. Customer supplies replacement microwave.

A lot of customers prefer over the range microwaves as they take up less space in your kitchen and have a vent attached to the microwave. Over the range microwave installations can be tricky at times as you might need more than 1 person to get the job done. BTS LLC helps its customers with OTR microwave installations in Lakes Region NH & Southern NH.

We also help with disposal of old microwave units, vented into the room or vented outside, standard or low-profile units, installation of thru wall vented units (some applications will not be possible) filter or lightbulb replacement. We would also help in selecting a unit if needed.

Tip: If you cook a lot, make sure you vent to the outside.

Range Hoods Installations:

Note: Replacements Only. Customer supplies replacement range hood.

The time has come to replace your range hood or even remodel your kitchen and you want to make sure that your range hood installation is done correctly. BTS LLC is the company to call for your range hoods installation or vent hood installation. No matter the range hood you need to get installed we can get it done the right way. We are the best range hood installers in Lakes Region NH & Southern NH.

We also do under cabinet models, stand-alone units, vented or hoods with indoor filtration kits. A vented to outside range hood keeps your home odor free. Range hoods always provide a lot more air filtration when compared to OTR microwaves, providing more fresh, clean air for your home.

Electric Cooktops Installations:

Note: Replacements Only. Customer supplies replacement electric cooktop.

Electric cooktops use electricity to heat threads and the heat from this is what heats the pans to cook your food. The standard voltage range for an electric cooktop is between 120-240 volts and there’s a button that determines how much of that voltage needs to be used at any given time. We ensure to switch the power off to the electric cooktop before we begin any work to make sure that the project is safely handled. It is difficult to replace a cooktop when compared to an electric stove, but this does not stop us from getting it installed. We also offer old cooktop removal services. Call BTS LLC for all your electric cooktops installations in Lakes Region NH & Southern NH.

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Electric Stoves Installations:

Note: Replacements Only. Customer supplies replacement electric stove.

Electric ranges have some advantages when compared to gas stoves. They cook fast to the temperature chosen and reach the temperature chosen faster. They’re also easy to clean, which all of us want when cooking a lot. Making sure they’re installed correctly is a priority as wiring an electric stove must be done the right way, that’s when professionals like BTS LLC come in. You can be at peace knowing that your electric range is getting installed properly.

BTS LLC offers removal and installation of electric ranges, electrical cord replacement, assembly, and disposal of old units (additional fee).

Downdraft Vents:

Note: Replacements Only. Customer supplies replacement downdraft vent.

If you do not do a lot of cooking and are looking for more overhead storage, or your kitchen is designed in a specific way, a downdraft cooktop might be the best option for you. A cooktop with a downdraft vent is a regular gas or electric cooktop with a built-in ventilation. One reason why homeowners have no choice but to choose downdraft cooktops is because the kitchen model does not support conventional ventilation.

If homeowners have downdraft cooktops, they get some space for cabinets if needed. When using downdraft cooktops, it’s important to note the type of venting you may need. It’s always best to vent the air outside your home to get rid of any kind of bad odors.

Electric Washers and Electric dryer Installation:

Note: Replacements Only. Customer supplies replacement electric washer and dryer.

Another important appliance that is a must for any homeowner is a washing machine and a dryer. Dryers come in two types: gas and electric. It takes a lot of electricity to heat up the clothes, so a lot of customers always prefer energy efficient washers and dryers, which can be expensive. However, in the long run electric washer and dryers will be worth every penny spent.

No matter which type of electric washer or dryer you get, you need to make sure that your electric circuits are up to the mark before installing these appliances. Call BTS LLC for all your electric washing machine installations and electric dryer installations. Our team takes a lot of precautions when installing them to ensure that they’re done the right way. We also disconnect old units, water hose replacements, water supply valve replacements or repairs, in room dryer vent pipe replacements, water tray replacements, disposal of old units (additional fee).

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Food Disposal Unit Installation:

Install Garbage Disposal:

Our team will take all proper precautions when completing your garbage disposal installation project. Installing garbage disposal units can be tricky at times. If you’re looking for an experienced garbage disposal installer in Southern NH or Lakes Region NH, BTS LLC is the one to contact. We offer a variety of garbage disposal installation options, including installing new units with access to a drain and electrical outlet nearby. BTS LLC is the best garbage disposal installer in Lakes Region NH & Southern NH.

Air Conditioner Installation:

Window Model & In Wall Unit Replacements:

Your air conditioner is a particularly important appliance in your home as you get to cool down during summer. New air conditioning units provide you with good energy savings compared to older units. The best and only way to make sure your ac is installed the right way is by calling a professional company like BTS LLC. Making sure your air conditioner is working properly and efficiently can help you save on your electricity bill. New England summers can be hot and trying to survive without an ac could be quite a task.

BTS LCC offers wall unit replacement (which the customer supplies), window units replacements or new installations, security bracket / support installation and old units disposal (additional fee). If you live in Lakes in Region NH or Southern NH and need help to install an air conditioner call BTS LLC.

Electronic Installation Services

If you need help with your home electronic installation services we have you covered.  We can remove the headaches and frustration that comes with trying to install complicated home electronics on your own. The BTS LLC team are expert home electronics installers. Here are some of the home electronics we routinely install.

TV Installation

If you’re looking for help with getting your TV set up, contact us today for our TV installation services.   

TV Wall Mounting Service:


The most entertainment we have at home are our families and televisions. You bought a new TV and have no idea how to get it mounted on the wall? Call our TV Mounting Installer BTS LLC to get this fixed with no damage done to your new TV or to the wall. As technology continues to grow day by day, so does the weight of these televisions. Do not fret or stress and call us for all your tv mounting services.

People hesitate to mount TV’s on the wall but there are many advantages. If you have flat screen TV’s they are meant to be mounted on the wall. Mounting tv on the wall can be complicated at times and if not careful could lead to damages. It’s best to take precautions and call a tv mounting services company / person to get this installed without any problems. 

We install TVs up to 85” (wall mount bracket should be supplied by the customer. we will guide on purchases if required). We also do mantle type installations, full motion & tilt tv wall mount, above fireplace, concrete brick sheetrock wall. We also remove and dispose of old TV’s (additional fee).

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The Benefits of Hiring BTS LLC to Help With Your Installation Needs

How Much Are BTS LLC’s Appliance and Electronics Installation Services?

The BTS LLC team is here to assist you with your installation needs. We offer free quotes on all new installation requests. Prices reflect with or without installation kits. Modifications of existing conditions and any additional materials are extra.

We offer a 1-year warranty on installation workmanship and parts provided by installer BTS LLC. Our installation service prices exclude travel costs outside of a predetermined travel zone. There’s no commitment and a free estimate in person or over the phone.

Appliance & Electronics Installation Service Testimonials

The team at BTS LLC takes great pride in our work and we love making our clients happy!  Here are a couple testimonials from happy NH installation services clients:  

Appliance Installation / Electronics Installation FAQ’s

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We provide free estimates, which vary based on the job and project. We have flat fees for most standard installations, which vary by difficulty, time, and materials required for the job.

Price varies depending on if any additional work is needed plus fluctuating cost of fuel. We offer free estimates so you know what you’re paying for your project upfront.

The cost to install a new stove top varies based on the stove type, difficulty, time needed, and more. To get the most accurate pricing, contact us today to get a free estimate.

We have flat fees for most standard installations, which depend on difficulty, time and materials required for the job. Contact us today to get your free estimate.

The time it takes to complete a home refrigerator installation varies based on the job, however the typical time is about one hour.