Handyman Services

At BTS LLC (Ben’s Transportation Services) we specialize in Handyman services for our valued NH clients. If you are looking for a NH handyman that is easy to work with, gets the job done on time and budget, look no further.  We pride ourselves in delivery quality handyman services with the highest level of professionalism.  If you are looking for NH local handyman services call us today for a free quote and we can help you get your home improvement project completed.  

About Our Handyman Services

Whatever is on your ‘To do’ list we can help get the project done.  The BTS LLC team is up for any job you have in mind.  We manage each client’s project with skill and experience.  Ben is fluent in English as well as Spanish to make communicating with our valued customers easy.  

Some home projects that you have in mind are best discussed over the phone, so I invite you to give me a call at 603-866-6653 so that I can give you an estimate in person or over the phone.  

We offer a 1-Year Warranty on workmanship and parts provided by BTS LLC so rest assured the work we do for you will hold up.  

The Benefits of Hiring BTS LLC as Your Handyman

Our Handyman Services

The BTS LLC team offers a variety of handyman services to our New Hampshire clients.  Here are just some of the local handyman projects we handle on for our clients on a regular basis:   


Remember that leaking faucet you had in the kitchen or the cracked toilet and had no idea how to get these fixed and worried so much? A leaking faucet can end up with you losing a lot of water and damage to your floors. Leave those worries to your handyman service like me.

I do the following plumbing repairs:


Do you need more than 1 flush for your toilet? Your flush valve could be the problem and if you do not know what to do, it’s time to call BTS LLC to take care of this. Have you noticed your toilet takes a long time to fill up? it could be a toilet filler valve issue. No matter what kind of toilet repairs needs you have, I can handle that.

I also do the following toilet repairs:


Customer provides the toilets and I replace them

 Did you notice a leak in your toilet tank or a crack in your toilet? You do not want to delay in getting a toilet replacement done as it could lead to more damage. It’s always good to get a professional like me to replace this as if a wrong replacement is purchased it would be impossible to get it installed. I take utmost care while fixing it leaving no damage to your bathroom. Call BTS LLC for your toilet replacements.

I also do the following:

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Kitchen Sink Repair / Kitchen Repair Installation

(Customer provides the sink and I install / repair them)

You noticed your sink leaks at the drain, and you have water all over the place now? Or since of late you noticed your kitchen sink leaks a lot and not sure how to fix this? Call BTS LLC today for all your kitchen sink repairs. I have repaired many of these for my customers in Southern NH. Be it replacing a kitchen sink drain or installing a new kitchen sink I do them all. After all, the kitchen is the place where we spend most of our time and we need to ensure we have a kitchen without any problems. Contact BTS LLC your local handyman for all kitchen repairs.

Kitchen Faucet Repair / Kitchen Faucet Installation

(Customer supplies the faucets and filtration kits)

A kitchen faucet leak is always a big problem as this leads to water everywhere and can be tiresome having to wipe the floor often. Let me take care of your kitchen faucet repairs. I’m experienced in this field of work and have also installed new kitchen faucets as well. I’m always careful in removing the old faucet and installing the new one. There will be no leaking faucets for you.  

I also do the following kitchen faucet repairs / replacements:

Kitchen Hardware (Customer provides the equipment)

If remodeling your entire kitchen is too big of a project or burden, doing them in installments would help. I do the following kitchen hardware work.

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Bathroom Sink Repair / Bathroom Sink Installation

If you notice a leak or a crack in your sink it’s better to get it repaired sooner rather than later as the longer it sits like that the more damage it could cause. When you have a bathroom sink repair issue or need a replacement bathroom sink drain or to fix the water lines, there is nothing to worry about when you contact BTS LLC as everything is taken care of. Call me if you live around Lakes Region NH or Southern NH. Below is a list of other bathroom sink repairs I do.

Bathroom Faucet Repair / Bathroom Faucet Installation

(Customer provides the faucets)

There is no need to call a plumber to fix a broken faucet or a leaking faucet. An experienced handyman like me will get the job done in no time. I also install replacement bathroom faucets and plumbing fixtures. BTS LLC is just a call away for your bathroom fixtures or leaks.

Bathroom Vanities - Install and Repair

(Customer supplies the vanities)

You ordered for a new bathroom vanity and need help getting it installed. No worries as BTS LLC has got you covered. I can dispose of the old vanity and prepare the bathroom space for the new one and install it with proper care. If you think your bathroom vanity is in dire straits and in need of repairs do not hesitate to call me as BTS LLC is your local go to handyman. I do the following work as well for bathroom vanities.

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Making sure your bathroom is perfect is always a homeowners priority. From the design to the colors to the accessories everything is vital for a bathroom to look perfect. Whatever project you might have, shower head servicing or installing a new shower door or a bathroom mirror installation I do them all. Call BTS LLC for your bathroom ware work.


You have an art piece which needs to be hung on the wall? Or you want a picture frame on a wall. Call BTS LLC your local handyman who is experienced with picture hanging. A mirror or a picture frame is such a valuable art for your home. Getting them fixed on the wall can be tricky from hammering nails to lifting them could be stressful. Why worry about all this when you could leave all this to BTS LLC? From mirrors to ornaments to decorative shelving I do them all.

Ornament Hanging / Holiday Lighting Hanging

It’s about that time of the year, holiday fixtures and yes Christmas lights display. I help with all kinds of ornament hanging and holiday lights. I help in planning on how to go about with this. Lighting on the roof is always a great display for the holidays. I’m proud to take care of all your holiday lighting needs from start to finish.

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Shelving Installation

Shelving can be an amazing design element as it brings a lot of dimension to your home and is a space saving problem. Leave the shelving installation to professionals like me and will end up with shelves with loads of space. I do closet shelving, garage shelving and wall mounted racks. Call BTS LLC for all your shelving needs.

Doors Replacement

I do only selective projects and customers should provide the doors. I replace storm doors and garage side door entrances. I replace interior and exterior doors also. If you have a problem with the hinges, I can replace them as well. I also do closet accordion door adjustments.

Door Hardware Installation

(Customer provides the hardware)

I replace and adjust any kind of door knob and deadbolts. If you need any security devices (customer provides the device) to be installed or sight holes, call BTS LLC. Any kind of remote deadbolt unlocking or door striker replacements and adjustments can be done as well.

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Electric Exchanges/Replacements; Ceiling Fans, Bathroom Fans, Switches and Lights

No matter what electrical problems you might have, do not try fixing it yourself if you have no idea what to do. This is a safety hazard and causes injuries. Leave all the hard work for me to take care of. I have a lot of experience in changing lights and switches. I also install ceiling fans and bathroom fans (exhaust fans). Contact BTS LLC, your local handyman for all your electrical needs. I also do the following work.

Electric Appliance Replacements Only

(Customer provides the product)

Installing a dishwasher:

You recently purchased a new dishwasher and not sure how to install it? Contact BTS LLC your local dishwasher installer. The biggest problem most homeowners have is buying the wrong dishwasher as the new one does not fit. Always measure the width and the height from the countertop to make sure the right dishwasher is purchased. Installing a dishwasher can be complicated if proper care is not taken. 

Waterline for fridge:

That new fridge you had your eyes on for months has been delivered finally to your home. Now that it’s all set up you realize you do not have a water line and are clueless as to how to get a new water line. This is where BTS LLC comes into play. I have installed new water lines for refrigerators for many homeowners.

Install Garbage Disposal:

I start off by disconnecting the old unit and shutting the electricity off. When preparing for installation, I ensure to check the new sing flange. Installing garbage disposal units can be tricky at times. I make sure all the necessary parts are available before installation along with any kits. If you are looking for an experienced garbage disposal installer, BTS LLC is the one to contact.

I also install the following appliances. Electric Washers & Dryers, downdraft vents, OTR microwaves, range hoods, Electric cooktops & stoves, trash compactor.

Electronics Installation

(Customer provides the product)

TV Mounting Southern NH:

The most entertainment we have at home are with our families and televisions. You just bought a new TV and have no idea how to get it mounted on the wall? Call our TV Mounting Installer BTS LLC to get this fixed with no damage done to your new TV or to the wall. Do not fret or stress about this and call us for all your tv mounting services. I install all types of flat screen TVs & above fireplace TVs. I also install wall tv wiring concealment, projectors, wireless stereo systems & soundbars.

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Frequently Asked Handyman Questions

A handyman is experienced and skilled in every field of work from plumbing to electrical to electronics / appliances installations to carpentry. The kind of work can be interior or exterior.

Manchester NH, Goffstown NH, Bedford NH, New Boston NH, Weare NH, Merrimack NH, Litchfield NH, Amherst NH, Mont Vernon NH, Lyndeborough NH, Milford NH, Hudson NH, Nashua NH, Hollis NH, Wilton NH, Greenfield NH, Pelham NH, Brookline NH, Candia NH, Auburn NH, Deerfield NH, Chester NH,  Londonderry NH, Raymond NH, Derry NH, Sandown NH, Northwood NH, Fremont NH, Nottingham NH, West Nottingham NH, Hampstead NH, Danville NH, Windham NH, Epping NH, East Hampstead NH, Atkinson NH, Kingston NH, Salem NH, Plaistow NH, Exeter NH, Newton New fields NH, East Kingston NH, Stratham NH, Hampton Falls NH, Greenland NH, North Hampton NH, Seabrook NH, Hampton NH, Portsmouth NH, Rye Beach NH, New Castle NH, Hooksett NH, Bow NH, Suncook NH, Dunbarton NH, Epson NH, Chichester NH, Contoocook NH, Concord NH, Pittsfield NH, Loudon NH, Henniker NH, Canterbury NH, Warner NH, Salisbury NH, Franklin NH, Strafford NH, Barrington NH, Madbury NH, Durham NH, Rochester NH, Dover NH, Somersworth NH, Barnstead NH, Center Barnstead NH, Gilmanton Iron Works NH, Gilmanton NH, Tilton NH, Belmont NH, Alton NH, Sanbornton NH, Alton Bay NH, Gilford NH, Laconia NH, Meredith NH.

Travel costs will apply if the location is outside the predetermined travel zone (see above for our handyman service area).

A handyman with good reviews is always a reliable source along with a website with services listed. Word of mouth or looking online also are really good resources.

A handyman can perform small repairs around your home, but a general contractor can perform very specific tasks. A larger job might need a specialist contractor, but minor jobs can be performed by a handyman.

Our Handyman Service Area

At BTS LLC we service the following NH cities and towns for our clients in need of handyman services.  We serve

Manchester | Goffstown |  Bedford | New Boston | Weare | Merrimack | Litchfield | Amherst | Mont Vernon |  Lyndeborough | Milford | Hudson | Nashua | Hollis | Wilton | Greenfield | Pelham | Brookline |  Candia | Auburn | Deerfield | Chester | Londonderry | Raymond | Derry | Auburn | Sandown |  Northwood | Fremont |  Nottingham | West Nottingham | Hampstead | Danville |  Windham | Epping | East Hampstead | Adkinson | Kingston | Salem | Plaistow | Exeter | Newton | Newfields |  East Kingston | Stratham | Hampton Falls | Greenland | North Hampton | Seabrook | Hampton | Portsmouth | Rye |Beach | New Castle | Hooksett | Bow | Suncook | Dunbarton | Epson | Chichester | Contoocook | Concord | Pittsfield | Loudon | Henniker | Canterbury | Warner | Salisbury | Franklin | Strafford | Lee | Barrington | Madbury | Durham | Rochester | Dover | Somersworth | Barnstead | Center Barnstead | Gilmanton Iron Works | Gilmanton | Tilton  | Belmont | Alton |  Sanbornton | Alton Bay | Gilford | Laconia | Meredith