Household Deliveries

Local Delivery Services

By Appointment Only!

If you find yourself in need of a truck or trailer to move a small, medium or large purchase from another location to your home or from your home to another location give BTS LLC a call. For many people, getting appliances, construction materials, large household items, and more back to your home is a struggle. Many homeowners and renters find themselves stuck when they’re looking to purchase a large item and they have no way of getting it home, this is where our team comes in.

At BTS LCC we have the team, the trucks, the equipment and all of the necessary tools to move your small, medium or large household items, construction materials, furniture, and more with our local delivery services.

If you have purchased a used piece of furniture, an electronic, a piece of equipment, appliances and you need to move from a household to your household we can help and handle that for you. We also offer installations at an additional fee please see our handyman or appliance installation services.

Residential Or In-Store Pickup

By Appointment Only!

Having a small car or no access to a truck and or trailer, shouldn’t mean that you can’t get bigger items from the stores, or that you should have to pay the significant fees and then, even once you’ve paid the fee, you have to wait until they’re going to your area for them to deliver it. Call BTS LLC and our team of professionals will get your items delivered to your home in a timely manner, allowing you to enjoy your new purchase even sooner.


In the market for a new television or any type of bulky household electronics but not sure how you’re going to get it home? Call BTS LLC for all of your local delivery service needs. With local delivery services in Lakes Region and Southern, NH, we can move your large televisions and household electronics from and to your residential place so that you can enjoy them sooner. We also offer TV wall installations please see our Appliance and Electronics Services.

Construction Materials

Looking to complete a home renovation project, landscaping/ garden project, outside project, but not sure how to get all of the materials to your house? Call BTS LLC. Our team will bring all of your construction materials including but not limited to; earth products (loam, mulch, sand, fill, gravel), wood, flooring, tools, and more to your residence so that you can complete your home renovation with ease. Materials must be pre purchased prior to delivery. Service will be delivered via box truck, dump truck, dump trailer or flat bed trailer. Unload of larger loads will have to be pre-arranged, and customer is responsible for the additional equipment needed to complete job. Service is for transport and when possible unloading by hand.

*Load Restrictions Apply!

* Materials must be purchased at preferred distributor

Garden Materials

Ready to revamp your garden to grow the most beautiful flowers and freshest herbs, fruits, and vegetables but not sure how to get all of your soil, plants, tools, and mulch home? Call the team at BTS LLC. Our team will help you pick up your items at the home improvement store or garden center so you can create the garden of your dreams. Materials must be pre purchased prior to delivery.

*Load restrictions Apply!

Earth Materials

Looking to complete a landscaping project and have a large amount of earth materials that need to be delivered? Give our team at BTS LLC a call and let our team help you get your materials home to complete your project. Our professional team has all of the necessary tools to get your materials loaded up and delivered making your project that much easier. Materials must be pre purchased prior to delivery. We offer dump truck or dump trailer to deliver materials , make sure location is accessible prior to arranging delivery.

*Load Restrictions Apply!

*Materials must be purchased at preferred distributor.

Interior/Exterior Furniture

Have you found the perfect couch or outdoor patio set but you’re unsure how you’re going to get it home? Call the team at BTS LLC and let our team of professionals help with your furniture delivery. Oftentimes, stores have long delivery times and high costs to get your furniture delivered to you. BTS LLC prides ourselves on our professional team and affordable prices. On occasions we also will have the ability to assemble some of the furniture at an additional fee. Please inquire about our furniture assembly services.


Whether you’re upgrading your appliances or replacing appliances that have broken, you’ll likely find yourself struggling to get your new appliances home. When you call the team at BTS LLC we’ll work with you to get your appliances home in a timely manner to ensure you’re able to use them when you need them. We offer installation for all electric appliances for an additional fee please refer to our Appliance Installation Services.

Mattress Sets

Buying a bed is a stressful time, getting the new bed home to enjoy shouldn’t have to be. Call the team at BTS LLC and we’ll get your new bed home with our local delivery services so you can have a great night’s sleep even sooner.

Patio Sets

Purchasing a new patio set for your outdoor space but struggling with how to get it home to enjoy. Give the team at BTS LLC a call and ask about our large item delivery services. Our team of professionals will bring the necessary equipment and get your new patio set to your home for you to enjoy.

Delivery Services FAQ’s

Deliver Services vary on difficulty, distance, size of item, equipment needed, we offer a per job flat fee on some deliveries as well as per distance (per mile).

Appliance delivery cost will depend on size of item, location of drop off(floor level), distance of delivery, difficulty of delivery.

Furniture Delivery Cost will depend on distance, amount of pieces, drop off location (floor level) sizes of furniture, amount of manpower needed, difficulty of delivery.

We offer services within a 30 mille radius. On occasions some deliveries will need to be delivered outside of our pre-determined travel area we can arrange with ample notice and by appointment.

Our maximum weight rate is 9,000lbs.

Depending on the material weight being delivered, maximum 15 cubic yard load can be accommodated in our trailers weight of material must be within the 9,000lbs weight rate.

Yes we can haul away old please see our JUNK REMOVAL SERVICES, to Schedule haul away.