Residential Dumpster Rental

Residential Dumpster Rentals

At Ben’s Transportation Services LLC (BTS LLC) we are your trusted local NH handyman that can help you with your residential dumpster rental needs. We provide quality dumpster rental in New Hampshire.

If you’re starting on a new project around your house, whether it be cleaning out your shed or garage or getting ready to complete a new home project, BTS LLC is the team to call for your dumpster rental. Our team will deliver a clean 15 cubic yard dumpster for your garbage removal needs. Each dumpster rental includes ramps for easy loading and dollies are provided upon request at no additional cost. Contact us today for your residential dumpster rental needs. 

If you’re moving into a new home or remodeling your current home, there’s going to be a lot of trash. Why not call BTS LLC and get rid of the headache of getting all of the trash removed from your home? If you have major renovations going on at your home, you’ll need a dumpster rental as there’s going to be a lot of debris left behind. Sometimes all of it can’t fit in your home trash can and oftentimes, the city won’t allow you to dispose of some of these materials. Call BTS LLC if you’re looking for residential dumpster rental in Lakes Region NH & Southern NH.

You also might ask yourselves “when do I need to rent or call for a dumpster rental?” Whether you’re relocating or moving, or you had a disaster at home you might find yourself looking for a residential dumpster rental. Feel free to call us and inquire about our dumpster rental. A team member would be happy to give you all of the information that you’ll need to choose BTS LLC for your dumpster rental. As homeowners it’s essential that we get rid of any toxic wastes or materials. The longer it stays on our property, the more damage it can cause. So renting a dumpster is the best solution to avoid these problems.

When using BTS LLC, we provide the right solutions for your dumpster rental needs. There will be no hassle in renting our dumpsters as all it takes is a single call to us and we’ll ensure to address all of your needs. Let us know your requirements and you’ll find the perfect dumpster at your door

Included In Your Residential Dumpster Rental

At BTS LLC we understand that dumpster rentals can be expensive. That’s why we aim to provide a quality service for an affordable cost. Our weekday two day dumpster rentals start at $330.00, depending on the load amount and days selected additional cost may apply. We also provide dollies and plastic construction bags, upon request, at no additional cost. 

If you’re looking for assistance with TV disposal, monitor disposal, fridge disposal, AC disposal, or mattress disposal, we offer those services for an additional cost ranging from $20-30 per item.

If you need help in choosing the right size of dumpster call me at 603-866-6653 and we will be glad to help out.

When using our company and services you can be rest assured with the quality of service received.


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Costs Of Dumpster Rental Services


  • includes 1000 lbs of allotted weight
  • additional $0.10 cost per pound will be added if allotted weight is exceeded.

5 Day Rental

  • includes 2000 lbs of allotted weight
  • additional $0.10 cost per pound will be added if allotted weight is exceeded.

Frequently Asked Dumpster RentalQuestions

A dumpster tends to be a large unclean eyesore that typically goes from client to client, it also tends to be a lot heavier and the steel wheels are very small. If precaution is not taken to protect your driveway or yard it can lead to a lot of damages. Our units are clean and well taken care of heavy duty hydraulic dump trailers, that include pull out ramps for easy loading. Each unit has 4 tires, meaning there’s zero damage to your property or yard.

  • 2 day rental (weekday) starting at $330.00, includes up to 1000lbs, $0.10 additional per pound after weight allotted if exceeded.
  • 2 day rental (weekend) starting at $380.00, includes up to 1000lbs, $0.10 additional per pound after weight allotted if exceeded.
  • Maximum 3 tons per unit 6000lbs

Each unit will fit 15 cubic yards.

From construction debris, general household junk, non-hazardous materials(we will have a consultation/ agreement prior to rental to discuss all restrictions that will apply.

Hazardous materials, fuels, paints, tires, batteries, oils, fuels, asbestos.

* Restrictions apply

Prior to a rental unit being dropped off the responsible party will have to discuss and sign an agreement that will outline rules and regulations pertaining to rental. Prior to a BTS LLC team member leaving unit on the premises, payment will be collected for rental, in addition a credit card information to be kept on file for any additional cost incurred by weight overages, and for any damage or loss of the dumpster.

Rentals are seasonal; March-November or weather permitting